Would Your Home be Safe in the Event of a Flood?

Would Your Home be Safe in the Event of a Flood?

Jan 4th 2021

There is almost nowhere in the United States that isn’t subject to flooding from time to time. Excessive rainfall, spring snowmelt, overflowing rivers or streams, and stormwater control failures can all contribute to flooding where you live. Flash flooding is defined as flooding due to excessive rainfall in six hours or less. This type of flooding can be particularly destructive to homes and businesses because the velocity of the flowing water creates excessive pressure on building foundations.

Bradley Building Products has an innovative solution to flash flooding that can protect your valuable home or business structure. It is called the Smart Vent, and it consists of a series of stainless steel vents installed in the foundation walls of your home or business to allow floodwaters to move freely in and out of the structure. This removes the excess pressure that the flooding creates and can keep a building securely on its foundation where it belongs.

Smart Vents require no human interaction, so you don’t have to be present during a flooding event for them to operate properly. All are made from stainless steel to provide years of protection and are designed to keep rodents from entering. There are two types of Smart Vents depending on where you wish to install them:

  • Insulated vents are used to protect garages, outbuildings, basement areas, or other places where you want heat or cold kept out of the interior area.
  • Dual-function vents are used when you have a crawl space or elevated foundation to allow air ventilation during normal weather plus flood protection as needed.

Before you suffer the devastating effects of flash flooding on your home or business, install Smart Vents to allow automatic movement of floodwaters beneath the structure and after the flooding has ended. For more information contact Bradley Building Products at 941-377-5969. We are pleased to offer automatic volume discounts on purchases starting with three vents. Save some money in the new year with us today!