Reasons to Protect Your Home with Smart Flood Vents

Reasons to Protect Your Home with Smart Flood Vents

Dec 14th 2020

Smart Flood Vents from Bradley Building Products are not only a great way to ventilate spaces under your home, but they can also save you money and protect your home which can be one of your greatest investments. Here are reasons why you should protect your home with Smart Flood Vents.

They can lower your insurance costs — Smart Vents from Bradley Building Products can result in lower insurance costs when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Insurance companies know that proper flood vents can reduce damage to a home when flooding occurs because they allow floodwaters to move freely from under the home without adding stress to the foundation or home structure.

They protect your investment — Once a home shifts off its foundation it may be a total loss — Smart Flood Vents can prevent that. Your home is something that you create over time with your personal touch. Flooding might damage the floors and drywall, but they can be repaired. If you don’t use Smart Flood Vents water pressure from flooding could knock down the home and your investment is lost.

Bradley Building Products offers a great selection of Smart Flood Vents.

  • Dual-function vents offer both flood protection and rodent-proof ventilation for crawl spaces or elevated foundations
  • Insulated vents in different sizes are perfect for garages or other areas where flood protection is needed with proper insulation to reduce heat loss
  • A white dual-function vent to match certain home decors
  • All are made from durable stainless steel and require no human intervention to operate
  • Hurribond adhesive and a stainless steel trim/sleeve kit for thicker walls are available

Please note that all of our Smart Flood Vents ship free! For more information on Smart Flood Vents from Bradley Building Products please call 941-377-5969.