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Protect Your Foundation from Flood Damage with a Smart Vent Flood Vent

Protect Your Foundation from Flood Damage with a Smart Vent Flood Vent

Jun 30th 2021

Smart Vent flood vents are terrific for safeguarding the foundation of your home against the devastating effects that flooding can cause. These awesome flood vents not only provide the extra protection your house deserves, but can also significantly decrease the amount you pay for your flood insurance premium. Bradley Building Products brings you pertinent information about the benefits of having Smart Vent flood vents installed.

The pressure of floodwaters can result in the collapse of a foundation wall which can facilitate destruction to other areas of your home. By allowing a passageway through foundation walls for water pressure to balance inside and outside the foundation, flood vents help the integrity of your house to be maintained. Smart Vent flood vents are the ideal choice in vents for customers to purchase due to their high reputation regarding effectiveness.

When a flood vent senses floodwaters, an inner float device unlatches the door and it instinctively opens. While vents that utilize screens will collect debris and hinder adequate water flow, a Smart Vent flood vent offers a totally unobstructed opening that lets floodwaters circulate freely, going both in and out. As long as the water extends up to the flood vent, the vent will remain open. Smart Vent flood vents can be situated in foundation walls and other locations such as crawl spaces, basement walls, garage walls, overhead doors, and enclosed walls in breakaway foundations.

Insulated flood vents are perfect for closed crawl spaces, insulated walls, and for other places that require solely flood protection and not ventilation. When closed, the weather stripping located around the door keeps outside air from entering the crawl space. Smart Vent flood vents with louvers that permit you to control ventilation into the crawl space are also available. The louvers mechanically swivel open or closed depending upon the outside temperature.

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