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Maintain Your Smart Flood Vents with These Tips!

Maintain Your Smart Flood Vents with These Tips!

Jun 30th 2021

Smart Vent flood vents are sought-after by homeowners to shield their houses against the devastating damage that flooding can cause. Bradley Building Products provides helpful tips below about how to effectively maintain your flood vents.

Due to the quantity of chromium present within stainless steel, your flood vents are rust-resistant; however, you still need to perform routine maintenance in order to keep the vents in pristine condition. Stainless steel becomes hollowed out if it comes into contact with salt unless the steel is washed off with water. It’s a good idea to rinse your flood vents by using fresh water every few months. If you happen to see extreme pitting or rust, a store-bought solution specifically used for removing rust usually does the trick adequately.

The device that controls the louver of the vent is constructed out of stainless steel no matter which style you own. Routinely rinsing the flood vent with clean, fresh water will help lessen corrosion and accumulation of residue. Another smart step is to spray the louver mechanism annually with a commercial dry film lubricant. It is important that you never apply wet lubricants since this enables debris to collect.

The bi-metal coil in Smart Vent flood vents contains Nickel as one of its elements and is heat-treated to increase the coil’s longevity. Dry film lubricant works well on this component to preserve its integrity.

Floats are manufactured from engineered plastics to prevent fading that can occur from the sun’s rays. Since the floats need routine maintenance as well, you can open the float slot on the flood vent’s door by inserting a slim plastic card. Then, simply wash the float chamber and spray it with a bit of dry film lubricant.

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