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Dual Function Flood Vents

Jul 15th 2016

Smart Vent dual function vents are a great option for houses that have crawlspaces, enclosed spaces, or any area of a home that requires natural air flow and flood protection. Dual function vents allow air to travel into a space freely, while also allowing water to escape if necessary during a flood.

These dual function vents serve two purposes. The first purpose of a dual function vent is ventilation of a small area or crawlspace. These vents are automatically opened or closed depending on temperature changes and require no electrical hookups. A bimetal coil opens and shuts the vents automatically. The vents will close fully at 35 degrees Fahrenheit and open fully at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring the spaces where the vents are installed stay well ventilated at any time of day or night.

The second purpose of a dual function vent is flood protection. There is a door attached to the vent that remains closed until in comes into contact with water. There are patented internal floats that rise up during water contact and will unlatch the door, which will allow the door in the vent to open, rotating upward. When these doors open and allow the water to move freely, pressure on the foundation of the house is reduced, and therefore damage to the walls and the foundation is reduced. See our dual functions smart vent flood vents here:

In the event of a flood, whether the vents in the dual function ventilation louvers are open or closed, the floats that rise to unlatch the flood door also release hydrostatic pressure which ensures safety.

Smart Vent dual function vents are made from materials that are flood resistant and top quality. Marine Grade Stainless Steel, T316L, which is made in the United States, is the main material in the construction of these vents. This stainless steel is known for standing up to the ruthless environments such as marine and chemical environments. This stainless steel is also highly regarded for its ability to stand up against denting, cracking, and embrittlement. This stainless steel is commonly used in projects that are designed to last for several years and stands up to the test of time, harsh environments, and is very functional. This is why this stainless steel is the best option for dual function vents that allow for great ventilation as well as flood protection.

Smart Vent dual function vents can be purchased here at Bradley Building Solutions carries Smart Vent dual function vents available in single units, double units, or quadruple units.