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DIY Enthusiasts Will Love Smart Vent Flood Vents

DIY Enthusiasts Will Love Smart Vent Flood Vents

Feb 16th 2021

Many homeowners like do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. They can often save money and get a feeling of accomplishment from tackling home improvement projects. One project that can save you money now and potentially your home in the future is installing Smart Vent Flood Vents. No one can imagine the heartbreak of watching their home being washed away by floodwaters. Floods can exert a lot of pressure on a home’s foundation if there is no way for water to enter and leave. Smart Vent Flood Vents from Bradley Building Products solve that problem.

Smart Vent Flood Vents are both practical and a simple solution to keeping your home safe. If you have a vented crawl space under your home a dual-purpose Smart Vent Flood Vent acts as a temperature-controlled air vent and also will open and close automatically to prevent floodwater pressure against your home foundation. There are also Smart Vent Flood Vents that are insulated for garage walls or other areas where flood protection is desired without the air vent feature.

All Smart Vent Flood Vents from Bradley Building Products are made from rustproof and durable stainless steel. They operate automatically without any human intervention. Once installed, they provide open channels for floodwaters to enter and exit, thereby removing the risk of floodwater pressure pushing the home off its foundation. They are resistant to rodents and other animals so you don’t have to worry about them getting under your home and creating problems. And they carry a 15-year warranty!

If you have existing foundation vents that only allow air into the crawlspace or a garage or other area needing flood protection, you can install Smart Vent Flood Vents yourself. For more information on Smart Vent Flood Vents call Bradley Building Products at 941-377-5969.