Five Things You Should Be Making with PVC

Nov 24th 2020

Versatex® PVC trim boards are very useful products, and Bradley Building Products sells their PVC joint biscuits in 25 or 50-piece boxes. You may have only thought of PVC for home plumbing jobs, but there’s a lot more versatility than you might imagine.

Versatex® PVC is known as cellular PVC. It is moisture and rot resistant, dimensionally stable, and can be painted or decals can be applied. You may have seen porch posts used with it, or perhaps some house trim, but there’s more you can do with cellular PVC, and joint biscuits from Bradley Building Products can hold it all together.

Corn home game boards — Corn hole is a popular outdoor game using slanted boards and bean bags. Many people use plywood but the result is a heavy board that won’t stand up to weather if left outside. Make your next corn hole boards with PVC and they will last forever, and won’t be damaged if left outdoors in the rain, and are lighter than wood.

Outdoor showers — If you live near the beach or in an area where you work outside a lot, an outdoor shower can be a great way to get clean without tracking dirt or sand into the house. Using concrete or block is heavy and labor-intensive, but if you use PVC boards you can put together a great outdoor shower for a lot less money that will last for years.

Flower boxes — Flower boxes can add a great deal of curb appeal to your home, but using wood is a recipe for failure. Plants need to be watered, but water and wood will lead to rot and ruined flower boxes. Use PVC and you can cut, route, and trim it just like wood. It is also paintable and will withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

Pergolas — A pergola is an open-beam structure that provides some shade and definite appeal to an outdoor deck or patio. Many people build them with wood, but they will eventually rot or get bugs and have to be replaced. PVC pergolas will last indefinitely and aren’t affected by the weather or insects.

Outdoor kitchens — Everyone loves an outdoor kitchen for alfresco dining in nice weather. Building one with wood framing is an invitation for rot and bugs. Use PVC and you will have surfaces that are durable and easy to clean. Best of all, PVC is FDA-approved for food contact so it won’t absorb food and lead to bacteria. You can paint it or stain it, or you can leave it white and easily clean it with normal household cleaning products.

If you are getting ready to work with Versatex® PVC, don’t forget the joint biscuits from Bradley Building Products. Call us at 941-377-5969 for more information.