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Why Should You Use Flood Vents to Protect Your Home?

Why Should You Use Flood Vents to Protect Your Home?

Jun 14th 2021

Your home deserves protection in the event of a flood; therefore, flood vents are ideal products to purchase. There are multiple styles to choose from and installation can be a do-it-yourself project if desired. Bradley Building Products brings you important information about the benefits of flood vents below.

The purpose of flood vents, also referred to as flood gates or flood ports, is to decrease structural damage that can occur as a result of flooding. These secured openings function effectively by enabling water to flow into or out of a building's exterior structural walls. There are two types of flood vents that are available: non-engineered and engineered. Engineered vents require less vents due to their particular construction that makes them even more efficient than their non-engineered counterparts.

In the event of a flood, if the interior and exterior water pressure overrunning your home can't balance quickly enough, windows and doors could possibly burst. This dangerous pressure can also damage the foundation and cause your home to be unsafe to inhabit. Results of studies have concluded that houses with appropriate openings withstand flooding. On the contrary, homes absent of flood vents give way and fall apart.

Flood vents are required to be present on residential basements, garages, crawl spaces, and any additional enclosed structures that are located below Base Flood Elevation in Special Flood Hazard Areas per the NFIP. Communities taking part in the NFIP mandate that all property owners adhere to FEMA and NFIP regulations. Adequately positioned flood vents is one such requirement, regardless of whether or not homeowners have flood insurance.

Utilizing high-quality flood vents are well-worth the money spent and savings are earned in two ways. First, your flood insurance premiums can be decreased considerably. Secondly, in the event that flooding water invades your home, flood vents can minimize the possibility of structural harm that could result in extremely expensive repair costs.

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