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We Make Ordering Smart Vent Flood Vents Easy!

We Make Ordering Smart Vent Flood Vents Easy!

Mar 30th 2021

Bradley Building Products makes ordering easy for our line of Smart Vent flood vents. These innovative durable vents allow floodwaters to pass easily in and out of buildings and foundations to prevent damage from the pressure of floodwaters. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding you need to install Smart Vents as soon as possible. You might even save money on your insurance if you do! All of our vents are FEMA-approved, making them an ideal choice to protect your home or business.

All Smart Vents are manufactured in the United States and we can supply them directly to you when you order on our website. We have a wide range of Smart Vent options to fit different size buildings and foundations.

Some of our flood vents also act as ventilation vents throughout the year, making them perfect for foundations around crawl spaces or other areas that require ventilation. Our vents are rodent-proof and are made from high-strength stainless steel to give you many years of dependable service.

How do they work? Smart Vents remain latched until floodwaters begin to rise. An internal float then releases the vent which allows water to pass through it harmlessly. Smaller amounts of debris will also pass through to prevent clogging. When the water recedes the vent allows it to pass out of the foundation or crawl spaces to prevent water pressure damage. All you need to do is give the vents a good rinse with fresh water once the water has receded.

No electricity or human intervention is needed to operate Smart Vents, so you can be assured they will work even if the power is out and you have evacuated the area. If you haven’t considered using flood vents to protect your buildings, now is the time to order Smart Vents from Bradley Building Products. For more information please call 941-377-5969 or fill out the contact request form.