Smart Flood Vents

Jun 14th 2016

What is the difference between a Smart Flood Vent and a Traditional Flood Vent in your home? The Smart Vent, rather than just being a stationary grid in the wall, these devices are rigged to open completely, like a door, when flood waters run through them. The vents are equipped with floats inside them. When flood waters go through the vent, the floats move upward and rotate the vent door open, giving any water and debris a quick exit from your foundation. Traditional “Flood” Vents are more like air vents, with slats or a simple metal grids, both of which are permanently fixed to your home and do not open like Smart Vents do. These vents are to regulate air flow into the foundation of your home as well. Smart Vents automatically adjust according to temperature (closed at 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and opened at 75 degrees Fahrenheit). Traditional vents you have to open and close manually according to temperature outside.

The Smart Vent is ideal for garages or other conditioned spaces where ventilation is not the objective. The standard size for these smart vents is 8” x 16”, there is a “double stacker” option that measures 16” x 16”, and a “quad flood” vent option that measures 32-1/2’’ x 16’’. They are made from 316 stainless steel, but they can be custom made for any home. They range from: stainless steel, or powder coat (white, black, wheat, gray). They can come with wood wall installation as well. Each vent is certified for flood removal in a 200 sq. ft. space. They also have Styrofoam and weather stripping insulation that eliminate air drafts and bugs that might otherwise slip into your home around the installation point.

The other advantage to the Smart Vents are the rodent resistance. Traditional Vents tend to have a mesh lining that rodents can easily chew through to get inside of the home. Smart Vents actually keep rodents out of the home since the door is automatic.

These smart flood vents are very easy to install. Almost anyone is capable of installing these vents. You only need to have an opening that is 8 ¼” x 16 ¼”, this allows a snug fit for the vent and a tight seal. The actual flood door needs to be removed so you can more easily install the frame, which just basically snaps into place. Then, you reattach the door. The full video on how to install these vents are on the Bradley Building Solutions website.

Bradley Building Solutions is a National supplier of these Smart Vents. These vents are compliant with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and they are in accordance to all National and State Construction Codes.To learn more about the Smart Vent Flood Vent, visit