Protect Your Home and Save Money with Flood Vents

Nov 6th 2020

Flood vents on your home not only can save your property during flooding events but can also save you money. Smart Vents from Bradley Building Products are economical, efficient, and code-compliant additions to your home. Here’s why they can be valuable for you.

Flood vents are designed to allow unimpeded flow of flooding waters in and out of a home’s crawl spaces or other enclosed areas such as garages. Their purpose is to relieve the pressure of flooding so the water doesn’t damage the home’s foundation leading to a collapse of the home. Flood vents from Smart Vents can be single-purpose to allow for flooding or dual-purpose to act as ventilation vents the rest of the year.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sets the standards for all kinds of flood devices. For homes they state that flood vents must:

  • Have one square inch of opening in foundation walls for each square foot of home space
  • Be installed no more than 12 inches above the lesser of inside or outside ground level
  • Have a minimum of two vents installed on different walls for each enclosed area of the home

Flood vents can reduce your annual home insurance premium if installed properly. You should check with your insurance agent for any possible savings from having vents installed on your home’s foundation walls or enclosed spaces.

Bradley Building Products offers Smart Vents flood and ventilation vents. They are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are rodent-resistant. They work automatically with no human intervention needed when flooding occurs, so you don’t need to be home to be confident that they will work when needed. For more information on Smart Vents from Bradley Building Products visit our online store!